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About Us

We're a passaionate development team seeking for the next big thing. We use the best practices in order to fulfull clients needs and desires. We'll never leave you with a partially working app and will be always available for further growth of your needs.


We are here to see your dream come true.

We will guide you through the whole process from what technology to be used through what is the best approach of achieving the effect you want on your users.

We will help you find what is the best way to monetize your product.

We will always be here for you for further development of new features that will make your product greater.

Mobile Applications

Most of the times anything that can be done on a PC can be also done on your smarthone or tablet. If you want to give your users mobility it is always a good idea to let them use your service through their smart device and the best way to do that is via a mobile application. We offer native development for iOS(Objective-C/Swift) and Android(Jave) so that we can utilize every feature the mobile OS gives us.

Web applications

Anything that can be opened through a url address is considered a web applications. No matter what you need a small informative web site or a custom platform for your service we're here for you.

Creative Design

We can help you with the design for the best visual experience that can be made for your users.


We have business analysts with over 20 years of experience and can help you with showing flaws in your monetize plan and distribution obstacles.

Custom solutions

We can provide you with what you need how you need it. No matter if it's a small application or a massive system of applications. We are here for you.

Current projects (2017)

You can join our list of satisfied clients whenever you feel ready to have an awsome product.

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Call us today +359 (52) 390 010 / email us at office@oits.eu / skype: outsourcingitservices

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